Medical staff

Sharizada Shaikenova


Aktobe State Medical Institute - pediatrics, 1985.
Internship in the children's hospital in the city of Rudnyi, 1986. 

Courses and seminars:

2008 - Ambulance and medical emergency.
2011 - Actual problems of Pediatrics with aspects of Cardiology.
2012 - Certificate of obtaining the highest qualification category in the specialty of pediatrics.
2013 - International scientific conference. “Metabolic syndrome: progress and challenges. From theory to practice”


Saule Sarsembayeva 

Ekibastuz Medical College, 1983. 

Courses and seminars:

2013 - Integrated Management of Childhood Illness.

Aigul Uzdembayeva 

Tselinograd Medical College, 1984.
Karaganda State University named after EA Buketova, 2011.

Courses and seminars:

2007 - Modern methods of physical therapy.
2010 - Job of the nurse for therapeutic massage and physical therapy.
2010 - General nursing technology with the course of emergency first aid.
2013 - Modern methods of physical therapy.