Zhanbota Abdrakhmanova 


2010-2012 – A.Mirzakhmetov Kokshetau University, Master Degree of Pedagogical Sciences.
Speciality: Teaching and Psychology
2002-2004. Institute of Family therapy on Individual Physiotherapy Consultation, Novosibirsk;
Qualification: Assistant-Psychologist
1987-1992- Karaganda Pedagogical Institute, Speciality: Teaching and Psychology (pre-school)

Courses and Workshops:

2012 Kokshetau. Seminar “ Correction of teenagers’ self-destructive behavior (Doctor and Vice-President of the Professional Psychotherapy League, A.L. Katkov)
2011 Pavlodar. Seminar “Suicide as a problem of crisis” (presenter, Zh.Amanova)
2011 Kokshetau. Training seminar, “From addiction to freedom” (working with addicted teenagers)

Zhumanbayeva Aisulu Nurlanaleevna


Karaganda State university named after E. A. Buketov, speciality is psychology, bachelor of psychology.

Courses and Workshops:

2007 - 2008  – courses of trancepersonality psychology and psychotherapy;

2008  – half-year courses of practical psychology;

2012  – courses of authorial program «Основы Арт-терапии: теория и практика»;

2015  – courses of «The education system and teacher training in Czech Republic in the historical context» in Charles University of Czech Republic;