Language and Literature Department

Galymzhan Dabylov

Head of Department

Russian language and literature teacher
Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda Pedagogical Institute


2014 - Language and literature: Delivering the MYP curriculum, online-seminar Category 2

Zhadyra Seisenbayeva

Kazakh language and literature teacher
East-Kazakhstan State University, Master of Science in Pedagogy


2011 - English language courses, International House Belfast, Northern Ireland, Belfast
2012 - Techniques in Teaching, Assessment & Homework Design, Astana
2012 - Experimental implementation of criterion based assesment by teachers-multipliers, Astana
2012 - «The integration of subject and language's content», Astana 

Amankul Baishagirova 


Kazakh language and literature teacher
Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute named after S.H.Ualikhanov


2011 - «School management: the Swedish experience», Sweden
2011 - Actual problems of improvement of teachers professional competency innovative schools 
2011 - Kaztest – high level – certificate Astana, the center of Standard Testing
2011 - “ The web site – teacher’s portfolio” Ustkamenogorsk  
2012 - «Integrated educational program» Cambridge 
2013 - Cambridge curriculum «Second  training course» AEO « CPM» 
2013 - «Administration in the IB schools» Russia, Moscow 
2014 - «Action Research» AEO «NIS»  
2014 - «The programs  are in schools  IB»  NIS  of  Astana

Turdybai Ganiyev 

Kazakh language and literature teacher
Navoi State Pedagogical Institute, 1997


2015 - "Тheory of knowledge" International School UNIS, New York, USA
2014 - "Middle Years Programme" "Action in the MYP" "Category-3", Slovenia
2014 - "Control system class", Astana
2014 - "Middle Years Programme" "Action in the MYP" "Category-3", Slovenia, Ljubljana
2014 - "Code of Conduct", Astana
2014 - "Launching the MYP developmental workbook", Астана
2013 - «Action research», Astana
2013 - " Middle Years Programme in IB", Astana
2013 - "New approaches of teaching foreign languages", Astana
2013 - "Application of information-educational environment in the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools", Astana
2013 - "Command labor education", Shymkent
2013 - "Conflict management and self-regulation", Astana
2013 - "Drama in the classroom" D.Deluzio Astana
2012 - A1: language and literature, Category 1, Category 2, Астана
2012 - "English for Academic Purposes", Astana
2012 - «Time Management», Astana
2012 - "Techniques in Teaching, Assesment & Homework Design", Astana
2012 - «Experimental implementation of criterion based assessment By teachers- multipliers», Astana
2012 - "Critical thinking," Astana
2011 - Technology "tiered comprehensive analysis of" the level of 1-2, Astana
2010 - "Leadership", Almaty
2010 - "Interactive teaching methods", Astana
2010 - "Design technology in the work of the curator", Astana

Aliya Baizhanova

Kazakh language and literature teacher

«Kainar» university
Taraz state university after named by M.H.Dulaty, Master of Philology


2011 - Report: «The competence of student in a vision of PISA», Turkestan
2012 - The creator of author programme «Baurzhantanu»
2013 - National conference “Research of activities in process of studying”, Taraz
2012 - "The results of PISA-2009 and their relationship to the mental level of the cognitive process", Astana.
2014 - "Class Management System", Astana
2014 - "The high school program, the MYP in action" category 3, Slovenia, Ljubljana.
2014 - "Standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate in primary and secondary schools"
2014 - «Language and Literature: implementing to the MYP Curriculum», Astana
2014 - "Code of Ethics", Astana
2014 - Evaluation of "speaking" and "Letter» skills Cito International, Astana.
2015 - Approaches to learning at the basic school (Online, category 3).
2016 - A practical tutorial for 7 classes of Kazakh language, Cambridge University, Astana.


Gulsara Smagulova

Teacher of Kazakh language and literature

Krupskaya Pedagogical Institute in Semey 
Faculty of philology


2012 – Courses on professional development on 2nd level

Valentina Stasishina  

Russian language and literature teacher

L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, 1999


2011 - Lerner – Centered Education and Principes of Management of Subject integration, Sweden 
2011 - IB Programme Learning Journey, Singapore  
2011 - 2012- Seminar on three languages(Alon Crawford), Astana
2011 - 2012 - Seminar on TOK, NIS, Astana  
2012 - Portfolio site teachers: basic design and content, Astana

Dinara Kozhakhmetova 

Russian language and literature teacher
Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov


2011 - English language courses , Belfast  
2011 - IB programme learning journey (Singapore) 
2012 - Workshop on critical thinking , Uralsk  
2012 -  English for academic purposes , Russia, Perm 
2012 - English language courses , Northern Ireland , Belfast  
2012 - Workshop on critical thinking , Astana  
2012 -  Seminar on " Effective planning homework ", Astana 
2012 - Workshop «Workshop of Time Management» 
2012 - Workshop. Teaching of  Native language in the Diploma Programme MB. Moscow

Zhanar Amriyeva

Russian Language and Literature teacher
Shakarım Semipalatinsk Pedagogical Institute


2011 - Courses on technology critical thinking
2011 - The forms and methods of work with interactive whiteboard
2012 - Courses on time management

Katherine Trueman

English Teacher

Bachelor of Secondary Education, University of Alberta, 1999
Masters of Arts in Technology and Curriculum, University of Phoenix, 2008


2013 - DP Language & Literature, Oxford, England
2012 – Advanced Placement English, Oxford, England
2011 – Unconference (for technology), Shanghai, China
2011 – Differentiation in the International Classroom, Seoul, South Korea

Ulzhan Sarsembekova

Russian Language and Literature teacher 

Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2011
Faculty of philology 

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, 2013
L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, 2014

Master of Humanities, CIS Network Universit, 2014 


Aigul Batyrkhanova

Kazakh Language and Literature teacher  

Category: І сategory 

1998-2002 Atyrau state university named after H. Dosmuhamedov 

2010-2012 Master course of Atyrau state university named after H. Dosmuhamedov


2011 - Technology “Gradational complex analysis”, Atyrau; 

2012 - Creation of educational content in the system of electronic teaching, Astana; 

2012 - Culture of creative research of teachers of Kazakh language and literature in teaching, directed on result.




Samal Shayakhmetova

Russian Language and Literature teacher 


Aigerim Maukara

Russian Language and Literature teacher 



Yerezhepova Talshyn

Russian Language and Literature teacher 



Baibekova Zainel Zhagoparovna

Russian Language and Literature teacher 

 Aimberdieva Ayman Erlikovna

Russian Language and Literature teacher

 Kasenova Aigul Mukhtarovna

Russian Language and Literature teacher

Babashova Dinara

Kazakh language and literature teacher

Kurmangalieva Gulmira

Kazakh language and literature teacher

Nurataeva Inkar

Kazakh language and literature teacher

Syzdykova Gulden

Kazakh language and literature teacher